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  Audio Video Connection & TV Calibration

What is TV calibration and Why do you need to calibrate your TV!
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with any installation or connect service. - Audio video installation - TV calibration information for our customers in Middlesex county NJ, Mercer county NJ, Somerset county NJ, and Union county NJ.
A properly calibrated display can save energy and extend the life of your TV by ensuring that brightness and contrast settings are optimized (an overly bright and contrast display uses more power and can lead to a shorter TV life.. 
What's included:
Improve upon TV default settings: The settings from various manufacturers vary and most likely will not meet your individual needs for your home environment or to properly calibrate your TV. We can measure these settings and make the necessary adjustments for optimum viewing in your environment.
Maximize the life of your TV: It is important that your TV has a balanced picture output to get the longest life possible. Creating a balanced picture by setting proper color temperature and dynamic range helps assure your TV is not "overdriving" the display, which could lead to a shorter service life for your TV and higher power consumption.
Watch in True colors: TV color calibration results in natural colors that tend to reduce eyestrain and show you the picture the director intended.
Blu-ray players compatible: includes a special test pattern disc for Blu-ray players that makes it easy to optimize movie images displayed on the TV screen.
A Universal Solution: Works with HDTV, LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED, CRT and Front projectors. It is a universal solution for most TV models.
Color Accuracy: The sensor measures and adjusts the brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature of your display. The result is natural colors, optimized brightness, energy savings and reduced eyestrain.
Calibration Wizard: The software interface will take a step-by-step measurement of your TV settings during the calibration to achieve a comprehensive value and correct color settings. A report of the adjusted settings will be printed upon completion of the calibration that allows you to see the results. - Audio video installation - You will enjoy your newly installed TV and home theater from Kinex Tech  family watch TV
Connect: (connect your audio & video components)
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Basic 5.1 home theater installation -  Audio video installation - Home theaters installed and home electronics connected in Middlesex county NJ, Mercer county NJ, Somerset county NJ, and Union county NJ.
More than half of a home theater experience comes from a full depth audio video system. A home theater system can deliver a rich audio video experience with quality speakers and quality installation setup. The position of your speakers can determine if you experience a real surround or just sound effect. If you need just speakers sound bar, DVD player or a complete home theater look no further.
What's included:
  • Provide a professional consultation at your home or business for the work requested
  • Connect your pre-purchased home audio video components and or speakers
     on furniture or speaker stands
  • Connect system to TV (if equipped) and 2 other Audio & Video components
  • Configure speakers to room parameters
  • Neatly manage all component cables with ties
  • Make sure all of your electronic components are working properly
  • Advise you on basic use of your system
  • Clean up work area, remove our packaging materials and debris from your home
  • Make sure you're completely satisfied
  • Provide you a written 5 year warranty on service provided
  • Note: TV installation is sold separately.
*Not included: cables/wires, in-wall cable or wire concealment, power cord concealment, commercial locations, all connected video audio components must be in same room.                                                                  
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